Ukraine – Export Revolution

I had a fantastic week in Kiev with our team. A day of lively discussion in our interactive Seminars – including a one hour intensive recap of everything we covered for the entire Advanced program…. Thanks again to Irene for live translation and to all our participants for their full engagement, their questions and their contributions. By sharing our experiences we all grow!

Wednesday brought a day of business plan reviews – or “Defending our thesis” – and gave a real insight into the real world challenges that business in Ukraine still face every day: and some fantastic solutions and positively inspiring stories about how they overcome hurdles to take great products to new markets.

With special guests and ViPs from the Export Promotion Office, the Estonian Embassy and US Aid we all came together for the presentation of certificates and a small celebration to mark the “graduation” of another cohort. I think we all felt the same pride when we heard that in total our Creative Export and Export Revolution programs in Ukraine have now helped over 1,200 companies. A Fantastic Achievement.

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